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Mission Statement:


First let me start by saying that when my wife and I decided to adopt our two dogs our lives changed considerably. Our dogs are rescues and the bonds that we have forged have transformed me and given me a personal purpose outside of my work life that I am insistent on pursuing. 


Our goal is to help support those that are rescuing dogs like mine.  Here at Stray we achieve this by: creating blog posts to get the word out about folks involved in dog rescue and sharing their experiences, volunteering with rescue groups, and channeling our artistic inclinations into a Web Comic. 

My hope is that through our Stray Toon satirical comic we can not only raise awareness about dog rescue but also sell cards to help raise money for various local, national and international dog rescue organizations that provide needy animals with food, shelter, medical care and ultimately homes. 

I have a hard time expressing in words the bond that's been formed between myself and our dogs and I cannot imagine my life without them.  So without being able to eloquently articulate this feeling I hope you enjoy our Stray Blog and our Stray Toon Web Comic and possibly feel inspired to buy a card or two knowing the cause.

Thank you for visiting our site and for supporting the needs of dog rescuers. 

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