Donations to Date

In May 2019 Cintia Salazar Juarez contacted me requesting more help.  The shelter rent was due and we were behind.  Cintia said: "With Argentina’s rising inflation, the landlord of our shelter incrementally continues to raise the monthly ask.  As Argentina’s economy worsens, our peso buys fewer bags of dog food each month, and people here have less money to donate. We are Argentines continue to get squeezed so I looked to Joseph to see if he could send $600 to cover our rent.  Joseph and you, the folks that have bought cards and t-shirts from Stray But Looking came through for us.  I told Joseph, This time, you rescued me.” 

Stray also donated $50 to Second Chance Animal Services 


In January 2020 Cintia Salazar Juarez contacted me requesting more help.  One of Cintia's 120 disabled dogs needed a serious surgery.  We were able to send Cintia $300 to cover the cost of the operation.

We put our funds to work!


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