Bergh et al

Bergh's Bio

Bio de Bergh

What Bergh wants you to know:  
  • He runs Donnie.
  • He did some short stints in the pound before being shipped up state to the Humane Society where he did hard time.
  • He (thinks he) owns the couch
What you should know:
  • He runs Donnie most of the time.
  • He is grateful for having been rescued even though he doesn't always show it.
  • He was named for the founder of the ASPCA.
Bergh quiere que sepas que:  
  • El maneja a Donnie.
  • El estuvo preso en un refu donde Donnie lo encontró.
  • Bergh se cree dueño del sofá
Lo que debe saber:
  • Si, el maneja a Donnie
  • Bergh esta muy agradecido por haber sido rescatado por Donnie.
  • Es el tocayo del fundador de un gran proteccionista estadounidense

Donnie's Bio

Bio de Donnie

What Donnie wants you to know:  
  • He rescued Bergh from the Humane Society.
  • He is a good, hard working person who generally does the right thing.
What you should know:
  • He gets pushed around by Bergh most of the time.
  • He tries really hard to be a good parent to Bergh.
  • He was feeling down until he began "fostering" Bergh.  Now he just feels a little less bad.
Lo que Donnie quiere que sepas:  
  • El cuida Bergh en forma de transito.
  • Donnie es una buena persona que trabajo duro que siempre trata de hacer el derecho.
Que es lo que debe saber:
  • Deja de Bergh le maneje.
  • El trata de ser un buen padre a Bergh.
  • Antes de empezar a tener Bergh en transitio se sentia deprimido.  Ahora se siente un poco menos mal.
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