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Dog Rescue Outside Buenos Aires

As Maria Marta discusses “Flaco” we do not look to sugarcoat the desperate situations dogs face in countries to our south.

On the night of February 1, I arrived at my daughter’s house where we found this dog with a terrible wound on his back. This beautiful dog was bleeding profusely and he had little energy to even stand. He was in a lot of pain. My husband and I picked him up and brought him to our house. Because there is no veterinary attention at night where we live, I administered some first aid.

His general health was good, but he had a serious hemorrhage. The wound was very deep and it contained maggots!! By morning we had been able to stop the bleeding and he drank water and took antibiotic medication. Twelve hours after we took him home he appeared to be a new dog. Today he is in our playing and waiting to be adopted!!

Once we posted the story about “Flaco” on Facebook, we learned that he had lived in the street for about one year and that a neighbor had been feeding him whenever he came around, but she was never able to touch him. About 10 days before we took him, this same neighbor had tried to catch him to take him to a vet but was not successful. He was very skittish but now he is just very sweet!

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