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If you have adopted a rescue dog you will enjoy the Stray Blog!  Recent posts give interesting descriptions of dog rescue in Argentina.

                    Founder: Joseph Liseno

   Quick bio:

     - School Counselor in Western Mass

     - Fluent in Spanish

     - MS in Counseling

     - MA in International Affairs (Latin America Studies)

     - Return Peace Corps Volunteer (Bolivia 1997-2000)

     - Nidan - Uechi Ryu Karate

Recent Posts

Cintia Salazar Juarez Fights for Souls (Traducción sigue)

The dog was gone but his body remained. Having rescued hundreds of dogs, Cintia quickly understood that the animal did not succumb to injuries sustained by coming into contact with the train, but that someone had decided the dog's injuries were too severe for him to ever recover. An executioner spoke before the angel arrived. When I asked Cintia about this situation, she said that unfortunately this type of thing happens often. She notes that sometimes she has to fight/argue with people to convince them to release an injured dog to her so that she can give it an opportunity to live. I ask: "Well if the dog does not belong to them, then why would they care if someone else takes a severely

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