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If you have adopted a rescue dog you will enjoy the Stray Blog!  Recent posts give interesting descriptions of dog rescue in Argentina.

                    Founder: Joseph Liseno

   Quick bio:

     - School Counselor in Western Mass

     - Fluent in Spanish

     - MS in Counseling

     - MA in International Affairs (Latin America Studies)

     - Return Peace Corps Volunteer (Bolivia 1997-2000)

     - Nidan - Uechi Ryu Karate

Recent Posts

Keeping up with Second Chance

I first meet with Lindsay Doray, Development Manager for Second Chance Animal Shelter, in a large, comfortable, well-lit room used as a waiting area for spay & neuter events…until now. As Lindsay begins the tour, she describes how this spacious room will soon be carved into several new spaces by a contractor. Partitioning will create offices, a break room, and most importantly an Intensive Care Unit. She explains that Second Chance’s on-site hospital needs the space to serve the ever-increasing number of pet owners seeking medical help for their dogs and cats. “We see a lot of blockages, especially in cats. One cat we worked on actually had 30 hair ties in its stomach. We’ve also been

One Tough Cookie

The sight caused her to make a u-turn. Cintia Salazar Juarez, a taxi driver by trade from Merlo, in the outskirts of the vibrant city of Buenos Aires was walking down a street some years ago as she and her young daughter passed a dog with her pups living in a box next to the railroad tracks. When one of the pups approached them, Cintia’s daughter picked him up and the mama dog came out to defend her pup. Knowing the mama dog and her family would likely be hit by a train, Cintia made the decision to turn back and pick up the mama dog, and the pups and take them home. That one-eighty became a decisive turning point in the life path of Cintia Salazar and in turn, in the lives of thousands o

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