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Letter from the Founder

On the evening of March 30, 2017 my wife and I attended the Kocktails for Kane’s event at Chez Josef in Agawam, MA. It was a fun night and Kane’s Krusade founder, Kim George hopes that this can become an annual affair. Kim described one of the families Kane’s serves as an elderly man whose wife passed away. He can no longer afford to feed or provide necessary vet care for his dog. Kim rhetorically asks: “How do you tell this gentleman that he needs to take his dog to an animal shelter and surrender it so that it gets the healthcare it needs?” Through the support of Kane’s Krusade this man is able to remain with his closest family member. To see more about Kane’s Krusade, please see my previous post.

Originally posted by Broken Tail Rescue, Inc on their Facebook page on March 28, 2017

My wife and I have two dogs and they are bonded. In the event of our demise, we want them to stay together. Mary Ellen and I talk about this sometimes, but I must confess, we have not done anything about it and we really need to. This leads me to a second thought. My dogs are well-cared for rescues. Luna has been with us for 10 years and Milo for 8. They have good lives but they, through an unfortunate event, could be become rescues again. For that matter, any dog can become a rescue. Forget the pedigree and AKC and all that jazz, any dog, mixed breed mutt, or pure bred whatever can end up in a shelter given the right or wrong circumstances. Have you made plans for your dog(s)? Maybe now is the time. I shared Toby’s picture to the Stray But Looking Facebook page. Toby is a rescue two times over. Be proactive and don’t let your dog end up in this type of Facebook post.

Kim George’s words coincided with a Facebook post by Broken Tail Rescue, Inc on March 29, 2017 in which appears a picture of a little dog named Toby whose human entered a nursing home. Then, according to this post, Toby’s caretaker passed away. I know we do not like to think about such things, but what happens if I, the human, pass away before my dog? What happens if the dog is well-fed and has few veterinary needs, but it is the human that needs to be placed in a shelter (nursing home).

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