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Maria Marta

Stray But Looking LLC has recently connected with Maria Marta, a citizen of Buenos Aires, Argentina. In Argentina as in many other countries, there exist few social safety nets for people like the ones in the U.S. Safety nets for dogs and other animals are practically non-existent. I can’t find the latest statistic but there are probably between 800,000 – 1 million stray dogs in Buenos Aires alone. What is being done to alleviate this situation?

Well this is where private citizens take matters into their own hands. Maria Marta was taking in so many abandoned dogs and other animals (a horse even) off the streets that she ran out of room at her home. She and her family moved to a larger domain and now have a fenced in yard to accommodate more animals.

Pictured here is an injured pup Maria Marta found. She took him in and nursed him back to health using her own time and money. At the moment Maria Marta has 8 dogs although she does try to find families to adopt some of the strays.

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