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Before I get into the review, my opinion is that this movie is worth seeing!

Truman is categorized as a comedy/drama, but crosses into other lanes (like tear-jerker). As a general rule, I steer clear of movies that provoke sobbing. It is probably better I had no idea what I was getting into when my wife and I ended up buying tickets for Truman while vacationing in Bordeaux, France last summer. All I knew was that this flick was in Spanish (which I speak, unlike French) and that it seemed to be about a dog.

Yeah, so Truman turns out to be about an Argentine expat named Julian (Ricardo Darin) now living in Spain. Julian, we quickly find is facing serious predicament and his good friend Tomas (Javier Camara) arrives from Canada to see after his friend. It is a very sobering experience to follow Julian’s windy path toward tying up loose ends as he prepares for the unimaginable.

Julian’s dog is named Truman, and one of those loose ends is that of Truman’s fate. Julian, being a responsible owner, spends much of the movie looking to place him in a new home with a safe and caring family. Watching Truman being taken by the leash of prospective owners will be a punch in the stomach for those of us who usually to quash the urge to show emotion. If you don’t speak Spanish, the subtitles may be annoying but, that said, the journey of this movie is very enjoyable and worth the ride.

Necessities to have on hand when watching Truman:

  1. Small box of tissues

  2. A glass of wine (or more)

  3. A warm shoulder

Joseph Liseno

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