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Cintia Salazar Juarez Fights for Souls (Traducción sigue)

The dog was gone but his body remained. Having rescued hundreds of dogs, Cintia quickly understood that the animal did not succumb to injuries sustained by coming into contact with the train, but that someone had decided the dog's injuries were too severe for him to ever recover. An executioner spoke before the angel arrived.

When I asked Cintia about this situation, she said that unfortunately this type of thing happens often. She notes that sometimes she has to fight/argue with people to convince them to release an injured dog to her so that she can give it an opportunity to live. I ask: "Well if the dog does not belong to them, then why would they care if someone else takes a severely injured dog? You would think they would just relinquish the poor soul." Cintia's response: "It has to do with egos here and the fact that people in this area are facilista. They look for the easy way out. They are cowards." Her words are strong, but her conviction that she can help severely injured dogs is even stronger. When I mention that images on her Facebook page show dogs that appear to be happy upon recovering from their injuries, she says: "A severely injured dog cannot only survive but can also be happy.”

I am not there and have never visited Argentina, although I did live in Bolivia for 3+ years as a Peace Corps volunteer. From that experience and from having worked as a school counselor for 11 years I do know how difficult it is to change the habits and thinking of other people. We as humans have a tendency to see a situation, form an opinion and act based on patterns we learn. I just cannot imagine having to fight/argue with someone so that they hand over a severely injured dog which they plan on killing. It has got to be like falling down the rabbit hole into alternative universe. I had already admired the work that Cintia does for dogs, but this adds another level.

On this particular day at the railroad tracks, a coup-de-grace was delivered, and Cintia was incensed. I watched her Facebook messages and she left out no words. She is sure she could have saved that dog. The people who contacted her did the right thing but she did not have a chance to help. Reading posts that followed, it was apparent that this is not the first time she has been called only to find the injured animal has been euthanized. Cintia herself says it happens way too often. When she receives alerts about a dog in dire straits, if Cintia is unable to get there, she will reach out to others to go on her behalf. Sometimes others help and other times not. I have seen her write a key phrase over and over "when the will exists there are a thousand resources and when there is no will there are a thousand excuses. Who lied and said it is not worth it to try?”

Please take a looks at the Refugio Zoobrevivientes Facebook page or the website: and consider being a resource for Cintia Salazar Juarez.

****Abajo es la traducción mia. Espero que disculpen errores de gramatica pero no soy hablante nativo de espanol. Ojala que disfruten:

Cintia Salazar Juarez Lucha para los Almas

El cuerpo del perro estuvo sin vida al llegar el ángel. De inmediato, Cintia se dio cuenta que el perrito no había muerto del contacto con el tren, sino fue aparente que alguien le dio de baja.

Seguimos las crónicas de Cintia Salazar en Merlo en las afueras de Buenos Aires: Recién, Cintia recibió palabra sobre un perro herido en necesidad de rescate. El pobre había sido atropellado por el tren. Lamentablemente un perro atropellado muchas veces significa la pérdida de unas patas y peor. Si usted ha visitado la página de Facebook de Refugio Zoobrevivientes, sabrá que Cintia no tiene ningún temor encarar los casos más horribles y desafiantes.

Alguien, viendo el pobre así, se puso en contacto con Cintia porque ella representa la mejor oportunidad de salvar al pobre. A veces cuando Cintia sabe que no podrá llegar a donde un perro está ubicado, ella se pondrá en contacto con otras rescatistas de la zona para ver si otra persona va. Hoy Cintia saco el tiempo y fue solo para encontrar una vida destruida. Cuando yo le pregunto, ella me dice que situaciones así pasan mucho y que a veces ella hasta tiene que pelear para que la gente le entregara un perro herido. Según ella "La gente es muy facilista, lo más fácil para ellos es llevarlo a morir. Son cobardes que no dan valor a la vida."

Cintia mueve la tierra y el cielo para ayudarlos a los perros, llevándolos a recibir atención médica urgente solo para preocuparse de la cuenta después. Ella recibe apoyo monetario utilizando un botón de donaciones en su website: Para sumar el dinero por todas las actividades rescatistas ella tiene rifas, vende cosas donadas y es sumamente creativa. Un refrán que Cintia usa frecuente es el siguiente: "Cuando existe la voluntad, hay mil recursos y cuando no, hay mil excusas. Quien dijo esa mentira que no valia la pena intentarlo??"

Favor de pasar a la pagina Facebook Refugio Zoobrevivientes o al sitio de web: y considerar apoyarle a Cintia Salazar Juarez en su lucha diaria.

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